Together we’ll build Polish-Ukrainian Community
of Women Entrepreneurship

The objective of the “e-BRIDGE – Build Resources in Democracy, Guideline and in Entrepreneurship Project” project is development of the Polish-Ukrainian Community of women engaged in cooperation and entrepreneurship development, Digital literacy, Vocational Development in Science, Engeneering and Mathematics.

Project e-BRIDGE responds to the challenge of the need for the construction and development of women entrepreneurship in Poland and Ukraine. Entrepreneurship supported by digital competence and soft skills to build a bridge of mutual trust Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and become a practical tool that facilitates the creation of future projects collaboration of women from both countries.

Implementation of the project is possible thanks to the support of the US government, as part of Program Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. It is worth noting that more than 800 proposals projects from around the world chosen for the implementation of 48 projects from 43 countries in the world, including our project of Polish prepared by a team of Alumni: Urszula Ciołeszyńska and Stanisław Alwasiak, who is the coordinator of the project. The project is implemented by our Foundation Embassy of Women Entrepreneurship in cooperation with the social partners involved.

We organized two three-day study visit of Ukrainian women in Poland, in terms of 10 – 13 of March and 17 – 20 of March, 2016. The participants were 55 women from Ukraine: a group of 30 students (magister and PhD students) and a group of 25 entrepreneurs who live not only in the western part of Ukraine (Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk region), but also in the center (Kiev) and the east (Dnepropetrovsk).

It is worth to admit that on the way to Cracow, on 17 March 2016, a group of 25 entrepreneurial women were invited by the Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship Anna Kolisz – founder and Vice President of ANKOL, at the headquarters of her company in Chorzelow.

The result of e-BRIDGE is to create conditions for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, concepts, observations and experiences and discussions on cooperation. As priority areas of cooperation were selected following sectors: Information Technology and Communication, Health and Beauty, Tourism, Commercialization of Science.

Our project began creation of a virtual bridge of cooperation between Women entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Poland: e-BRIDGE CRACOW – KIEV. Its continuation is a newly created Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors in Ukraine, which is coordinated by Ambassador Weronika Marczuk – founder and President of the Society of Friends Ukraine.

It is worth to say that the organizers of the project have covered all the costs associated with arrival and stay in Cracow of all 55 women from Ukraine: transfer special bus route Ternopil – Lviv – Krakow on two dates, accommodation during their stay in Cracow (four days, 3 nights in a hotel), assistance in applying for a visa to the Polish full food and an attractive educational program and additional touristic program.

Thanks to the commitment acquired to cooperate with the Project Partners can share rich film material, prepared by Krzysztof Brozek.

25 Ukrainian women entrepreneurs visiting ANKOL

Ukrainian women entrepreneurs visiting Cracow – March 2016

Ukrainian women entrepreneurs – interviews

30 Ukrainian students visiting Cracow – March 2016

Ukrainian students – interviews

Information and photos of the women entrepreneurs’ visit in ANKOL
Photo gallery – Jan Piotr Szczepański photography
Photo gallery

The project is funded by the State Department of the United States of America