International cooperation debate

A series of 10 colloquiums with entrepreneurs

Date: October and November 2016
Place: Warszawa, Central Agricultural Library, Krakowskie Przedmieście 66

Meetings take place in a small circle of around 20 people and make it possible to exchange specialists’ and interested entrepreneurs’ views and opinions as well as to present projects implemented in order the support women’s entrepreneurship.

All entrepreneurs are invited to the meetings and especially women. Furthermore, representatives of public institutions as well as organisations promoting entrepreneurship and developmental cooperation with Eastern European countries (most of all Ukraine) are invited as well.

The meetings are a great opportunity to show and demonstrate products and actions which may be of interest both domestically and internationally. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange opinions, experience and postulates specific to the development of international cooperation of entrepreneurs. Moreover, we plan a presentation of business ventures and social enterprises operated by entrepreneurial women in Poland as good examples which may inspire other people to act on the local market or in other countries.

The series of colloquiums is organised by the Embassy for Women Entrepreneurship Foundation as part of the execution of the “e-BRIDGE – Involvement of Women Entrepreneurs in the International Cooperation Debate” project.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland