The Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors is the project dedicated to empowering women and promoting entrepreneurship among women.

The Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors is inspired by the European Commission’s project of 2009 – European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, which focuses on providing role models that will inspire and encourage women to set up their own business.

Our project brings together women that are successfully running their own businesses and are engaged in non-business social activities. Ambassadors can be an inspiration to and a role model for others who wish to develop their own business or are just planning to embark on a career in operating their own company.

We promote the idea “The success can be yours – be an example for others”.

Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors representing all regions in Poland and various company sizes, industry sectors, entrepreneurs’ backgrounds, ages and experiences.

The criteria for selecting Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors are as follows:
• Having experience in management of running business, especially own business and adhering to ethical standards in business
• Having leadership skills, being socially active and willing to share knowledge and experience
• Confirming the intention to engage in popularising the idea of entrepreneurship among women and helping at least one person to develop their own business

The mission of the Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador is to set a good example and to promote responsibility, business ethics and entrepreneurial mind-set culture.